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9.45am Seated Pilates @St. Matthews Church, Telegraph Lane West

12pm Mixed Ability Mat Pilates @The Garage

1.15pm Barre Concept @The Garage

6pm Equipilates™ Mixed Ability @Mautby

7pm Equipilates™ Improvers @Mautby

8pm Mixed Ability Mat Pilates @Mautby Farm


10.30am Mixed Ability Mat Pilates @Fitness Space (members only)

6pm Mat Pilates Improvers @Magdalen Gates Primary School

7pm Mat Pilates Mixed Ability @Magdalen Gates Primary School

8.05pm Mat Pilates Mixed Ability ONLINE


 NEW 10.30am Reformer Pilates @Bodywerx Studios

5.30pm Mat Pilates Mixed Ability @City College Waiting List Only

6.30pm Mat Pilates Improvers @City College Waiting List Only


10.45am Seated Pilates @The Garage

NEW 1pm Mixed Ability Mat Pilates @Fitness Space (members only) 

6.15pm Mixed Ability Mat Class @Bodywerx Studios

 NEW 7.30pm Reformer Pilates @Bodywerx Studios Waiting List Only


12pm Mat Pilates Mixed Ability @The Pavilion, Waterloo Park (Drop in Available)

For classes at Bodywerx Studios, The Garage and St. Matthews Church please contact the venue directly to book classes.

Pilates Class
Young Man doing Physical Exercise
Yoga Practice
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