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"Become the rider your horse would choose."

A system that combines traditional pilates with intrinsic biomechanics especially formulated for the equestrian. Founded by dressage rider, Lindsay Wilcox-Reid, the programme focuses on improving balance and flexibility enabling riders to find a better connection with their horse. Postural faults and irregularities can play a significant part in your horses performance. The horse may feel more comfortable on one rein to another or perhaps you find it difficult to give independent aids accurately. Developing a stronger core and improving the quality of your joints enhances the rider's ability to give aids with more precision and also reduces the risk of injury. 

As an Equipilates™ Biomechanics Trainer I am able to screen clients using intrinsic biomechanics. Screenings will identify any specific biomechanical faults you may be experiencing. These can be addressed with a uniquely tailored exercise programme  using muscle release techniques and Pilates exercises, helping you to achieve optimum results with your riding goals.

I run regular weekly classes and I am also available for workshops and clinics at your yard.

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